Assembly Services

Assembly Services

Monday Voigt Products specializes in error-proofed assemblies. 

We serve a diverse group of global clients with special expertise in the automotive, retail, and medical industries.

We believe less is more.
A lot more.

You designed it. Now let us manufacture, assemble, and guarantee it. Standard builds or custom configurations. Assemble-to-order or assemble-to-stock production needs. Regardless of project size or scope, we know how to get the job done. With Monday Voigt Products, clients get much more while managing far less.

Our Process:


We purchase directly from manufacturers. We buy the materials, manage inventory, and track shipments from point of sale straight to our facility.
Inspection & Testing

Inspection & Testing

Our technology assures zero defects. Automated measurement systems ensure parts meet design specifications. Lasers etch 2D barcodes containing all relevant information on each finished part. Robotic cell and vision technology conduct a two-point check of every piece.


Robotics assemble products quickly and reliably. Our automated vision system isolates defects immediately and stops the assembly line until the issue gets resolved.
Data Management

Data Management

We track data on every part from initial sourcing through to final delivery. If a customer finds a defect, we isolate the root cause down to the individual piece.

Our Difference:

Whether a client needs to streamline pre-production processes or improve an aftermarket product or package, Monday Voigt Products has nearly two decades of experience to help. We assemble a process, not just a product.

And we own that process from start to finish. We work directly with suppliers, so our customers can work directly with us.

While our competitors maintain the status quo, we focus on innovation. State-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly technology make quality assurance a core process, not an afterthought.

This generates reductions in time, overhead, and defects for clients. We have the certifications and metrics to prove it.

Monday Voigt Products doesn’t just do business better, we help make better businesses.

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