About Us

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“Do Whatever It Takes”

Customers select Monday Voigt Products not only for what we offer, but also who we are. Our commitment goes beyond providing expert services. Past every product and package, we focus on people.

Monday Voigt Products specializes in quality-controlled manufacturing, assembly, and kitting.

We serve a diverse group of global clients with special expertise in the automotive, retail, and medical industries. For more than 15 years our team has delivered on-time, error-free service. Our high standards and excellence guarantee turns first-time customers into long-time clients that keep coming back for more.

Our Mission

We improve lives through innovation, opportunity, and personal growth.

Our Values

Monday Voigt Products is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide assemblies, kitting, packaging, warehousing, and impeccable service that delight our customers, while continually improving our Quality Management System.


For Monday Voigt Products, excellence is not a goal, it is a standard. We exceed customer expectations while surpassing 99% on-time service and product quality.


Customer trust must be earned. Our team takes that responsibility seriously. We operate transparently by openly communicating with clients and consistently delivering superior service.


Creativity is the foundation for innovation. We manage customer needs resourcefully and with imagination. Our team stays two steps ahead solving even the most complex manufacturing challenges. This unique approach produces better processes and new possibilities.


We see customers as extensions of our team. They are involved and consulted. We empower our employees to collaborate closely with all of our customers.


We go beyond the status quo. Our approach involves product and manufacturing process innovation to make business better…and then we continuously keep improving.

Our Vision

We empower people to serve a diverse customer base through state-of-the-art technology, automation, service, and facilities.

Let’s find the perfect solution for your business.