Kitting Services

Kitting Services

Monday Voigt Products specializes in error-proofed kitting and packaging. 

We serve a diverse group of global clients with special expertise in the automotive, retail, and medical industries.

Kitting is complicated.
We make it easy.

Speed, space, and spend. Outsourcing kitting services is an effective way to manage all three.

Customers need products quickly and accurately. This can be challenging, especially when component parts come from multiple suppliers. Monday Voigt Products simplifies this complex process so products are out the door and onto your dock – the right way, right on time.

Our Process:

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

We store all kit inventory at our 220,000+ square-foot warehouse. Our state-of-the-art inventory management system records data on every piece. We strategically stage kit components to lessen handling times, enabling us to remain efficient and low-cost without sacrificing quality or service.
Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Every component undergoes a multi-part inspection—when pulled for production and then again at the kitting stage. We combine advanced staff training and artificial intelligence vision technology for 100% accuracy regardless of piece count.


We manage every piece of the kit from start to finish. Packaging customized by weight and size to minimize costs takes each kit safely to the customer. Our agility supports full lines of kits or expediting a single kit, whether it has two pieces or 122 pieces.

Our Difference:

Monday Voigt Products combines advanced technology with highly skilled staff to fulfill orders efficiently. A series of built-in quality checks create our above 99% accuracy rating.

Clients benefit from faster service and lower costs than in-house kitting management. We also easily scale our operations for production surges. No need to worry about additional space or labor.

With Monday Voigt Products, our customers say goodbye to the middleman. We source the inventory, eliminate co-packers, and manage shipping. With a single phone call, clients can reach us around the clock. We handle everything.

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Experience why companies from across the world name Monday Voigt Products as their kitting supplier of choice.